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Upgrading Your Boat with a New Engine in San Diego

The heart of your boat is its engine, and there's no better upgrade than installing a new, powerful engine. Here’s why W.O.T. Marine is your best choice for boat repowers and new engine installations in San Diego.

Certified Mercury Outboard Dealer

As a certified Mercury outboard dealer, W.O.T. Marine offers the best new engines on the market. Mercury engines are known for their reliability, efficiency, and power, making them the top choice for boaters seeking performance and durability.

Expert Installation Services

Our technicians are not only skilled in general boat repair but are also experts in engine installation. We ensure that your new engine is perfectly configured and installed, optimizing its performance and longevity.

Custom Engine Solutions

Every boat is unique, and so are its power needs. We provide custom engine solutions, ensuring that the engine size and type fit your boating style and requirements. Whether you're cruising or racing, W.O.T. Marine has the right engine for you.

Comprehensive Engine Care

Purchasing a new engine is a significant investment. At W.O.T. Marine, we support this with comprehensive care, from routine maintenance to advanced diagnostics, keeping your new engine in pristine condition.

Enhancing Boat Value and Performance

A new engine can significantly enhance your boat’s performance and increase its value. Whether you're looking to sell in the future or enjoy a more powerful boating experience, a new engine from W.O.T. Marine is a wise choice.

Ready to experience the best in boat power and performance? Upgrade your engine with W.O.T. Marine, Southern California’s premier marine center. Visit us at or call (760) 804-2766 to discover the best engine solutions for your boat.

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